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Our Services

Thunder Promotions offers a coldron of services for the business owner, organization, and individual who needs Web presence. The following is a list of specific services that Tpromo offers with a brief explanation of each. For additional information, contact Tpromo today.

Tpromo Services

  • Web Design Services: Tpromo will design your website top to bottom providing a turnkey product. With more than 13 years of experience in the Web design business, we'll provide an attractive, balanced and artful presentation that you'll be proud of.
  • E-Mail & Webmail: Tpromo can provide both pop3 and Webmail. We also offer mail forwarding and auto responder services as required. A 10MB mail box is $12.00USD per year and the cost of forwarding is $6.00 per year. A one-time charge to set up an e-mail account or forwarder may apply.
  • Domain Name Procurement: Let us help you find the right Internet Domain Name for your application. We will assist you in searhing for the right one and we'll procure it on your behalf for a nominal fee of $25.00USD.
  • Web Hosting: We'll provide the platform on which your Website resides. Tpromo will perform updates on your Web content or we can assist you in doing it yourself. We offer a how-to guide, a choice of ftp clients, and an ftp account for those who want to do it themselves. The average cost of a personal Website is $9.95USD per month, and for a business/organizational Website $14.95USD per month. The actual cost of a specific Website could be less or more depending on the neede space, data base use, and other factors. All hosting plans are payable by the year.
  • Free Website Templates: Tpromo provides free Website templates to our do-it-yourself clients. We also provide an on-line, self-help guide to building your own Website. Tpromo will also host your website for a nominal yearly fee. Click Here to view our Website template collection.
  • Do It Yourself: Tpromo will assist you in developing your Website. We offer a choice of 50 different Web templates, free when you host with Tpromo. We also offer an on-line self-help guide to assist you in your effort. We'll also supply you with an ftp account, a choice of ftp programs, and additional hand-on support where needed. Click Here to view our Website template collection.
  • Credit Card Processing & Electronic Merchandizing: Through a partnership with Electronic Merchant Systems, Tpromo is able to offer you several e-commerce methods. We'll assist you in integrating your Website with the shopping cart of your choice for an additional fee.
  • Copy Writing Services: Custom copy writing services are available to you on an hourly basis. Provide us with the gest of what you want to say and our professional copy writers will lead the way.
  • Discussion Boards and Blogs: One of our specialties is providing chat rooms, discussion boards and blogs. We offer Wordpress, one of the more powerful and popular php-based blog technologies on the Internet.
  • Graphics Assistance: Tpromo can assist you in creating banners and other graphics for your Website. We have a library of buttons, bullets, photos, clipart, and more. Those who use Tpromo services are given full access to our web builder section. Our on-line self-help guide will show you how to insert your graphics where you want them and how to resize them on demand.

Contact Tpromo today about a free consultation by phone or one of our private chat rooms.

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