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19 June 2002


A most revealing speech
concerning the Federal Reserve
given by John F. Kennedy
before his untimely death.

By Unknown

"We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are U.S. government institutions. They are not government institutions. They are private credit monopolies; domestic swindlers, rich and predatory money lenders which pray upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and foreign customers. The Federal Reserve banks are the agents of the foreign central banks. The truth is the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the Government of the United States by the arrogant credit monopoly which operates the Federal Reserve Board."
Congressman Louis T. McFadden
Chairman of the House Banking
and Currency Committee
75 Congressional Record 12595-12603

Ten days before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, at Columbia University, Kennedy said: "The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight."

JFK was going to shut down the war in Vietnam, a war that brought the ruling powers $500 BILLION in armament sales.

JFK was assassinated because he was going to restructure the Federal Reserve System so it could no longer be used by the ruling powers to manipulate the economy.

"Kennedy apparently reasoned that by returning to the Constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest.

"He moved in this area on June 4, 1963, by signing Executive Order 11,110 which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 (4.3 trillion) in United States Notes through the U.S. treasury rather than the traditional Federal Reserve System. That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of one and two-dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. currency.

"Kennedy’s comptroller of the currency, James J. Saxon, had been at odds with the powerful Federal Reserve Board for some time, encouraging broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve system. Saxon also had decided that non-Reserve banks could underwrite state and local general obligation bonds again weakening the dominant Federal Reserve banks." Jim Marrs. (1989) Crossfire: the Plot that Killed Kennedy. Carroll & Graf Publishers.

JFK was assassinated because the "High Cabal," which had ruled the U.S. since at least 1913, wanted to regain its strangle hold on the country.

The Kennedy "...assassination had demonstrated that most of the major events of world significance are masterfully planned and orchestrated by an elite coterie of enormously powerful people who are not of one nation, one ethnic grouping, or one overridingly important business group. They are a power unto themselves for whom those others work. Neither is this power elite of recent origin. Its roots go deep into the past." L. Fletcher Prouty. (1992). JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy.

"It is Colonel Prouty--with his background both a military officer and international banker— who shows us concisely that Kennedy was removed not only for his skittish policy on Vietnam and Cuba but because he fundamentally was affecting the economic might of this nation-planet, U.S.A., Inc., and its New World Order. Kennedy undermined, as Prouty fascinatingly outlines, not only the Federal Reserve board but the CIA and its thousand-headed Medusa of an economic system (CIA: ‘Capitalism’s Invisible Army’), but most dangerously and most expensively (ultimately some $6 trillion in Cold War money) the world-around economic lines of the ‘high Cabal’ and its military-industrial complex so ominously forecast by Eisenhower in his farewell address." Oliver Stone’s Introduction to L. Fletcher Prouty’s book: JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Though he was responsible for creating it, President Harry S. Truman had begun to see the insidious power of the CIA. In a column that appeared in the Washington Post on December 21, 1963, he expressed his grave doubts about this sinister agency: "For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government...

I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak-and-dagger operations..." President Harry S. Truman

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